Tuesday, May 8, 2018

May 7 and 8 = Two Days Off

On Sunday, when we went to the Beantrees with Clyde and Pat, the waitress took several pictures of us with my camera and also with Pat's.  She must not have been pressing the shutter button hard enough; I did not get a single picture of us.  So, Pat sent me one of hers.

What a surprise and treat that was!

Now on to our "weekend".  While volunteering in the park, we have customarily taken off Monday to do laundry and shop for groceries, then on Tuesday to do some sightseeing in the region.  Now that we don't have the big RV, we also do not have a washer/dryer.  

We stopped at the Big Creek Country Store to give Kelly some more copies of "Big Creek" to sell. Then we made another stop at the Hartford, TN post office to fill out a general delivery form to get our mail there.

We drove to the Cosby campground half an hour away to use the washer and dryer there.  An advantage is that we got to visit with the Cosby camp hosts, Clyde and Debbie. The washer and dryer are in the basement garage of the ranger station.  The host site is right next to it.  We merely step over the lowered rails of the split rail fence between them.  I spotted this lone violet as I was crossing the fence rail.

Clyde and Debbie are champion campground hosts.  They volunteer for most of the season.  They live near the park and can run home occasionally to check mail and tend to the house.  We sat and shared camp-host stories while the laundry was running. Here are Clyde and Andy in front of their trailer.

Debbie just blinked for every picture I took of her.  What you see is what you get here.  She is always smiling and friendly.

Andy and I went out to get some lunch at Carver's Apple House while the second load was in the washer. Then we decided that, since we were already nearly there, we would go on to Walmart to pick up things we forgot to bring.  It was so annoying to spend money to buy things we have at home and should have brought with us. Even though I brought some of my extensive cleaning-rag collection, I did not bring enough. I ended up using every hand towel, dish towel and cleaning rag in the RV to sop up that flood I caused a few days ago. I didn't have a clothesline or clothespins to hang them up to dry.  I needed some measuring cups and spoons - got plenty at the house. How could we have forgotten a power strip for the computers?  By the time we got back to Cosby, move the laundry from the washer to the dryer, and visit with Clyde and Debbie some more, it was almost dark when we got back to Big Creek.

Today turned out to be another chore day, rather than a real day off.  I discovered a lump on my gum above the crown I got last fall.  Boss Larry recommended his dentist and I made an appointment for this morning. Andy was thrilled that Dr. Morton is in Sevierville, in close proximity to the Mellow Mushroom. It took us an hour to get to the dentist's office.

Dr. Morton said it is probably an abscess but could be something under the gum. He prescribed some antibiotics and pain medicine.  If that doesn't fix the problem, I'll make another appointment for next week. Doesn't everyone just love the prospect of a root canal?

We did not get our grocery shopping done yesterday.  After lunch, we stopped in the Food City and the Walgreen's pharmacy to fill my prescriptions. Again, it was nearly evening when we got back to Big Creek. Maybe our next day off will be more fun.


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