Saturday, May 19, 2018

May 19, 2018 - Fancy Camping and Bill and Mary

Friends Bill and Mary are traveling through the area with their fifth wheel RV (the kind that attaches on the bed of a pickup truck).  They are heading home to Maine and spent the night in the Cosby Campground last night. They arrived here in Big Creek this morning, just as Spence was leaving.  Bill was happy to see Spence since he is currently reading Big Creek and Spence is the main character.

Bill and Mary walked around the campground with us for our morning rounds. Mary pointed out that Site 1 is the kitchen for the fancy, luxury camping group with the A Walk in the Woods company. It looked rather fancy from a distance.

Apparently, they had a lecture before leaving for a hike to Ramsey Cascades this morning.  The camp chairs were set up for an audience.

The picnic table had become the dining table under the blue canopy.  There is a table cloth with placemats.    A small folding table was set at one end of the picnic table. It held a pot of flowers and two candles.

The brown tarp covered the whole tent pad and the galley.  I took advantage of my job of checking for food left out to get a picture of the complete kitchen. There was no food left out.

The man in Site 4 had a very small pup tent.  He was sitting at his picnic table under an umbrella clipped to the edge.  I noticed that he was opening a can of beans. I chatted with him a bit and we laughed at the contrast between his camp and the luxury one.

These three women had just shed their backpacks on the creek path and scrambled over some boulders to get to this fine perch in Big Creek.

Andy said it would be too much work for me to fix Bill and Mary a dinner and we should take them to The Beantrees in Hartford.  This is just the next exit on the interstate.  That was easier than cooking in the RV, but I had planned a campfire dinner.  Turns out, Bill and Mary were anxious to continue on to Maine so eating out was the fastest way to feed them lunch.

Here is a better look at Yuki, one of the best little dogs in the whole world.

I had expected Bill and Mary to stay all day and spend another night in Cosby so I was disappointed that they left right after lunch.  Maybe we'll have S'mores by the campfire another time.

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