Sunday, May 20, 2018

May 20, 2018 - Memorial Day Men Arrive

We had heard Spence using a blower or string trimmer earlier.  Then he showed up for a cup of coffee while we were eating breakfast. Then he headed up to the tent campground to clean the restrooms. We were heading to the campground when Andy decided to stay in the picnic area parking lot so he could direct traffic to the horse camp day-use lot.  I walked around the tent campground myself.

Does this car have enough stickers?

I had taken a resupply of brochures and newspapers for the registration kiosk.  Someone had taken the rock paperweight away!  It is necessary to keep the newspapers from blowing around.  I rummaged around the campground until I found another suitable rock. There were only two sites with tents on them and only a couple there that was just leaving.  A man and woman with two small children drove in to look at the campground.  I described my favorite spots and told them to take a look around.

When Bill and Mary were here yesterday, I kept aking them to taste the Licorice of the Woods.  Most of them tasted more like turpentine than licorice.  This morning, I tried one and it was delicious.  Then, a few yards farther down the campground road, this one tasted terrible.

Licorice of the Woods

The parts I've been tasting are those flower-bud-looking things. I can't figure out why some are so good and others awful.

Two young men (early teens) had walked up the horse trail while we were eating lunch.  Before we were done, they came back by.  One of them excitedly told us they had seen a large bear on the far side of the creek.  He said the bear had moved off when he saw the boys.  We said we would warn the campers not to leave any food out to attract the bear into their campsites.

Also, during lunch, Andy said he thought he had seen a golf cart go by the parking lot.

As we walked up to the campground in the evening, we saw a car parked in the handicap parking space.  I have called Dispatch to report such a number of times in the past, but no rangers ever came to give them a ticket.  So, I did not call it in this time. I'll ask Boss Larry for advice.

We were delighted to see the Memorial Day men in Site 12.  This is the group that comes every year the week before Memorial Day.  We stopped and chatted with them.  They said they had bought a copy of  Big Creek at the Big Creek Country Store.

They had two large tents on Site 12.  I reminded them that tents are supposed to be on the ten pad.  Then I added that I was not going to give them a hard time since they had three huge racks of ribs over their fire. Then they told me that when they called for a reservation today, they were told that only Site 12 was available.  When I look it up in the reservation system, there are seven sites available.

As we were walking back to our host site, a four-wheel vehicle came cruising through the parking lot.  Andy said that was the one he had seen from our picnic table while we were eating our lunch. They were two men and two women with a big cooler on the back.  The vehicle did not have a license plate.  I could not help but wonder if they had driven it up the Big Creek Trail.  It had been several hours since Andy saw them drive in.

Mushrooms have sprouted up by the tree next to the toilet building.


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