Sunday, May 6, 2018

May 6, 2018 - Rainy Day in Big Creek

The rain started during the night and continued through most of the morning. Fortunately, we had seen the rain forecast and had covered the picnic table with a plastic tablecloth last evening. It needed covering because we have electrical appliances out there to make more room in the RV.  Scamp is really small.

Andy has been making his pancake breakfast outside on a little hot plate we bought at Walmart.  He also uses the hot plate for making his espresso.  Then we decided to move the drip coffee maker out there to give me a few inches of counter space in the galley.  I noticed his toothbrush charger moved out there too.  And, we charge the park radio on the picnic table.

I invited Spence to eat lunch with us. The sun came out just as we finished eating. Spence said he was feeling lazy after a big meal, but had to go to the Cosby campground to do some cleaning.  He spends a good bit of time every day driving between his areas of responsibility.

The sun was out while we took our afternoon walk around the campground. We came back home and had coffee outside.  It started getting colder again so we headed inside and spent some time on our computers.  Andy was happy to get through all his email and catch up on his travel record keeping

This bug (or is it bugs) was on the railing post of the footbridge.  We can't quite figure out what it is.  One bug or two?  One bug eating another?  We can't make heads or tails of it. It was rather small, much smaller than this picture.

There were two busloads of Episcopals in the parking lot.  They headed up to the Midnight Hole. A few people were in the picnic area and some on rocks in the creek.

Here is the view of our campsite when coming down the road to it. I love our moss lawn.

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