Sunday, May 13, 2018

May 13, 2018 - Mother's Day and Michelle Griffith

Mother's Day! And Big Creek began filling up early with family groups celebrating with a picnic. The tent campground only had a few tents left when we walked around in the morning but three more filled by evening.

Big Creek Tent Site 3

We took a short path through the woods to the creek-side path.  There is just something about the sun shining on leaves in a shady forest that strikes my fancy.

Several large groups of picnickers had already claimed a table along the creek.

Grandparents, parents, and a six-week-old baby boy were at the table closest to the bridge. I was so busy stroking his fat little baby cheeks and hungering for those ten tiny toes that I forgot to take a picture of him.

Of course, we stood on the bridge and watched the water flow over the rocks. This hole full of pebbles is just before the water spills over the ledge and into the swimming hole. I love the way the water is so smooth and clear over the hole and then churns its way over the downstream side.

It is only a weed when it is growing where it is not wanted.  Here in Big Creek, this dandelion is another fine wildflower specimen.  On the other hand, it may be considered a weed here because it is growing through the walkway gravel.

I got a real treat this evening when Michelle Griffith stopped in for a visit.  She bought a copy of Big Creek: A Closer Look at a National Park from Our Place in Cosby, TN last year. She loved it!!!  She followed this blog and we have corresponded and kept in touch with Facebook and email.  We sat and talked non-stop for a couple hours.  It was getting too dark to take a picture today, but she'll be here for several more days

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