Thursday, May 10, 2018

May 10, 2018 - Full Campround

A man came to our host site this morning.  He had looked online and read that Big Creek does not require a reservation.  Then, when he got, here he saw the sign but did not have a cell signal to make a call.  I got him on the reservation website so he could register for the last available site: Site 11, my favorite.

It was a fickle weather day.  Sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy, and sometimes rain. I took this cloudy picture as we left Scamp to walk up to the tent campground.

The black swallowtail butterflies are out in full force now.  There were dozens more flurrying around in the air above this kaleidoscope.  Word on the web is that they are taking up minerals.  Andy take is that someone peed in that spot in the parking lot.  I suggested that someone could have dumped out a soda.  Both of those things happen in the parking lot on a regular basis. 

One of the men in the group site came over to say that he lost the transmission in his truck and was calling a tow truck to take it back to Charlotte, NC. It did not take them long to show up. There were more campers in their party due to arrive tomorrow.  He called one, who is renting a truck to come and then take all their gear home.

This boulder along the campground road has a crop of those plants I could not identify yesterday.  These are very small, maybe one or three inches.

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