Wednesday, May 9, 2018

May 9 - Back to Work - If you can call it that.

I admire the shadow art on the roof of our screen room every morning while I drink my coffee.

I did it again today but with a different technique.  Here is the galley sink.  It has a nice glass lid to close for more counter space when you don't need the sink.  Tell me, when don't you need the sink when you are cooking or cleaning the galley?

The faucet folds down so you can close the lid. The big problem with that is that it also tends to fold down while using it.  I've tried to tighten the fittings, but that does not help.

This was my problem a few days ago.  I left that itty bitty faucet handle in the up, or hot, position.  Then, when I close the lid, I turned on the water.  And, flooded the RV.

The itty bitty handle needs to be in the down position. That was not my problem today.  This time I did not turn the faucet all the way off.  It was low enough that I did not notice the was dribbling out.  Hours later, Andy noticed the sink full of water. I don't know how I managed to plug the drain.  But, I do now know how the drawers under the sink got flooded.  The water goes down the hinge hole.

Fortunately, we did not have another major flood.  Just a small amount of water in a bin in the top drawer.

One thing we left home was the tent stakes.  Andy bout more at Walmart on Monday.  He put them in a small bag this morning and I thought it looked like a bouquet. 

I spent a good bit of time on the computer today trying to figure out what this plant is.  They are slightly fleshy.  I hope they are not poisonous since I ate one.

Sweet Shrub

Andy on Campground Road

This is the registration board in the tent campground. I noticed the fern on the roof today.

Andy was studying the registration sheets while waiting for me.

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