Thursday, February 28, 2019

July 20, 2018 - Bookworm Gardens

Owen and Cam love Bookworm Gardens and so do I. I forgot to take my camera - I guess I'm out of practice - so Jennifer took the pictures.

Owen read a book to us about a dirty dog.  Each small garden has, er, plants and some structure from a book, and a big, plastic-covered copy of the book.

This exhibit may be the exception to that.  I presume this is the clubhouse for Whistling Straits, a PGA golf course in the area. I think they are a sponsor of the free park.

I found a picture of the real thing.  The course is owned by Kohler.

We had fun acting out the Three Pigs story.  Cam got the house of straw, I wriggled in and out of the house of sticks, and Owen was very comfortable in his house of bricks.

Lucy Cara Teague Painting

I befriended Lucy Cara Teague on Facebook a while back.  She is a friend of Kelly at the Big Creek Country Store.  Lucy is a painter and photographer who takes wonderful pictures of the mountains. Last spring I got the brilliant idea to have Lucy paint a picture of Andy standing on the bridge over Big Creek.  I have taken so many photos of him there, looking for fish among the rocks below the bridge. I sent Lucy several of my photos and she used them and her artistic license to create this wonderful image:

She captured just the scene I love and I love the painting.

The blue surround is the cushion on the patio furniture.

It was a surprise for Andy and he was thrilled with it.  Now I have to get a frame and put it on the wall.

If you are on Facebook, look up Lucy Cara Teague to see more of her work.