Big Creek - A Closer Look at a National Park

When most people visit a national park, they admire the scenery - the mountains, rivers, geysers, and marvelous rock formations.  They may camp, hike, picnic, swim, or simply admire the view.  What they don't see is all the other things that go on in a national park full of visitors and wild animals.

As campground hosts in The Great Smoky Mountains National Park, we dealt with campers, hikers, day visitors, rangers and maintenance workers.  We listened to the park radio and heard all the crazy, sad, stupid and funny things going on in the rest of the park.  You know that, with over eleven million visitors, there are going to be incidents.  We marveled at the task faced by the park employees and how hard they work to make our visits to a park the best they can be.


Admire the scenery, but take a closer look with this book!

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