Monday, April 30, 2018

April 30, 2018 - Tallulah Falls, Georgia to Great Smoky Mountains National Park

After another short visit with Jo and Dan at Tallulah Gorge, we headed to Big Creek by way of Waynesville to get some groceries at Ingles. So, even though we were only a couple hours away, it took us all day to get here.  We arrived at 1630.

Here is Scamp settled in and hooked up to the utilities.  Our host site is a lot bigger with a smaller RV.

The Smokies are known for the wildflowers.  Today, I saw more and more different kinds than I have in the past. Andy walked up to the tent campground and told me that it does not look like Spence has been here.  The grass is tall.  These daisy-like things are growing on the lawn in front of the toilet building.

Here is a sight we won't see for long.  It is the late afternoon sun on the mountain on the east side of Big Creek. Once the leaves are fully out, we won't be able to see the mountain at all.

I have not seen these flowers before, but they are all over the place now. We get here around the first of May every year so I guess the difference is the weather.  Spring is a bit later in Big Creek this year and we are seeing flowers that are normally gone by now.  That's my theory anyway. These are about the size of the tip of my pinkie finger.

We will not see this much sky for long either.  Right now we have a good bit of sun in the host site.