Friday, May 25, 2018

May 25, 2018 - RV Repairs

Leaves in Sun

Large Tent in Site 2

I was sad to find a very nice pair of hiking boots left next to a boulder in front of the picnic area toilet building. I brought them to the RV, wrapped them in a plastic grocery bag, and set them on the table outside.  No one has come to claim them yet.

Seems like everything is breaking on Scamp.  Andy took to calling it a Winnebreako.  We decided we had a lemon and were most unhappy with our purchase.  I had called several RV dealers in the region last week, but could only get an appointment at Tennessee RV Super Center.  They said they would look at it and order parts, but did not have time to actually work on it for weeks. Our appointment was at 11:30 this morning.  We had time to post registrations at the tent and horse campgrounds before we left. What with a fuel stop and traffic, it took us well over an hour to get there.  I told Andy that, next year, we should volunteer for something in Knoxville.  We seem to be driving there a lot lately.

The list of needed repairs had grown since I made the appointment.  I thought we had some electrical problems as I had smelled a funny smell a few nights.  Clyde suggested a mouse had chewed on some wiring.  We had enough of that here in the past with Sao. The woman at the service desk sighed when I added more work.  We walked over to the Waffle House and ate breakfast while they looked it over.

Happing Camper Getting Breakfast

Later, she came into the customer lounge to report and give us our bill.

They had replaced the motor in the bathroom exhaust fan. That must have been that smell.  The reason our awning would not extend was a bad fuse. Cheap and easy fix. The backup camera/radio/other-stuff monitor stopped working the last time we were out.  The monitor would not work for two reasons, combined.  1. It was set to operate on the house batteries.  2. One of us had apparently kicked the house battery switch to "off" while going in or out the door.  That is a dumb location for it.  It was similarly placed in Sao.  There must be a reason for that.  They also put screws in the shower head bracket that had fallen off the wall the other day. They were all quick and easy fixes so they did the work today.  Yay, we don't have to make two trips. One thing they did not fix is the sliding screen door.  They said it needs to be replaced.  I'll see if I can find a second opinion on that.

On the way home, we decided that maybe Scamp is not a lemon after all. We had seen a terrible tractor-trailer accident on I-40 on the way to Tennessee RV and decided to take a circuitous route through Sevierville and Newport to avoid what must have been a long and horrendous traffic backup with all the holiday traffic on the road. Andy decided we should stop at Doc's 321 Cafe in Cosby for a late lunch.  It is a cute place that Michele had recommended last week.  I liked my sandwich, but Andy was not thrilled with his.

Doc's 321 Diner

Inside the School Bus Diner
 There were bumper stickers all over the bus windows.  Here are a few I like.

My grandma had a washing machine very much like this one.  It was out on the back porch.

We ate outside.


I asked what kind of a doc he is.  Answer: Barbecue.

As we crossed the Pigeon River heading back to Big Creek, we saw a backpacker who had just come off the Appalachian Trail (in the woods).  He was still on the trail on the bridge but looked lost and confused.  Whenever we see hikers standing there, we stop to point the way.  The man was German and his English was not good enough to understand Andy's directions to Standing Bear Hiker's Hostel across the river and on the north side of the interstate.  We told him to get in the back and we would drive him there.  He was absolutely thrilled!

We were home early enough to help out a few campers.  The tent campground is full tonight and through the weekend.  We have three horse sites occupied and it looked as though there were plenty of horses camped just outside the park.

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