Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 2, 2018 - Big Creek Wildflowers

OK, it's another wildflower day.  I have to snap them while they are in bloom.

This is along the creek from the campground to the picnic area.  I'll have to watch it and see what happens next.

The baby leaves are so soft and delicate.  I can't help caressing them as we pass by.

Here is Andy walking along the creek path.

This tree is at the edge of the tent campground, above the creek path.  I love how its roots have wrapped around the boulder.

This is Big Creek, looking upstream from the bridge in the picnic area.

And, here it is looking downstream from the bridge.

These Showy Orchids are just across the bridge.

I got these spiky flowers in better focus today.

I walked to the far side of the creek.  Andy is standing on the bridge.

This Sweetshrub or Sweet Betsy is growing along the campground road.

We set up our screen room today.  We were motivated by some bothersome gnats.

A small patch of tiny iris is growing along the path from our host campsite to the horse camp. That is something else I have not seen before.

The horse camp was empty, though it is going to be full this weekend. Here are some empty stalls.

Here, Andy is walking back up the trail to our host site from the horse campground.

Here is our campsite, seen from the horse trail.  Andy called it Camp Misovec.

On the radio:

A man was passed out along the Hazel Creek trail.

A car was on fire.

Several maintenance people were working on leaking water pipes.  It sounded as though someone had hit a water fixture with a car.  But, it is difficult to figure out what is going on unless we hear the very first transmission.

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