Thursday, May 3, 2018

May 3, 2018 Big Creek Campground

The Vermont campers, Liz and Craig stopped in this morning before their hike up the Big Creek Trail.  We had a delightful chat.

Andy was obviously in a silly mood.  When I turned the camera toward him, he made this face.  He deserves to have it posted on my blog.

Daddy Long Legs season is officially here!  This group of five was on the campsite 12 signpost.

This cluster of Yellow Trillium was also near Site 12.

Here is yet another picture of Andy standing on the footbridge across Big Creek.

Andy spotted two turkeys crossing the road.  They wandered into the grass, but I could not get a good picture of them.

I got a clear shot of this one when it crossed the horse trail, but it was looking the other way.

Two men drove up in a park truck towing a trailer.  We had seen the trailer and four-wheeler in the parking lot last evening.  This morning the trailer was empty. The men said they were from Wildlife (a park department) and were looking for a bear.  I forgot to ask whether it was a "good bear" or a "bad bear".  They were also looking for a safe place to leave the four-wheeler. Andy told them to put it on our campsite. That four-wheeler would be easy picking for a thief - already on a trailer and ready to be towed away.

Here is a closer look.  I told the man we were going to take it for a ride, but he didn't seem concerned.

We have had campers arrive every day, not prepared for the new reservation system. Folks who have been camping here for years do not check the park website before they come.  So far they have bee lucky and there was still a campsite available.

While we were in the tent campground this evening, a carload of four men drove up looking for their campsite.  They had just made the reservation online.  But he did not have a cell signal in the campground and could not remember which site he had reserved.  And, he did not have his reservation number.  We could not put them in one of the two empty sites since someone else might have made reservations on the road too.  Andy and I walked back to the RV to check the reservation system again, but could not find them on it. Then, when we got back to the tent campground and the waiting men, one of them said they might have made a mistake and reserved the group site. Sure enough, they were on the group site reservation report.  We directed them to the group site.

About 10:30 this evening, two cars came driving in (through the group site, arousing the four men there).  They stopped when they saw me come out to investigate.  They had reserved Site 5 in the tent campground.  I gave them directions for finding it in the dark of night.

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