Friday, May 11, 2018

May 11, 2018 - Busy Enough

The campground was full last night and, even though there was some turnover, again tonight. We did see an unusual sight in the tent campground: a North Carolina State Police car drove in.  The officer parked the car and walked around the parking lot.

That was the second-most exciting thing that happened.  The most excitement was watching the garbage truck empty the dumpster.  That means either that it was an exceedingly dull day or that we are a couple of goofballs.

The policeman moved from the tent campground lot to the day-use parking lot and walked around some more.  We agreed that he must have been looking for something or someone.

The water was a bit higher in the creek after last night's rain.

Maintenance man Robert came to the RV to tell us that people were camping illegally in the horse camp. We decided to go collect money or send them on their way when we finished lunch. The shadow on the roof of the screen room today kept moving around.

Down in the horse camp.  The man registered for Site 4 was camped in Site 6.  He told us there were some unsavory characters camped next to Site 4 and he had his teenage daughter with him. He liked Site 6 better anyway. He also reported that the unsavory characters left shortly after the state policeman talked to them.

Here, we were walking up the horse trail from the horse-day-use parking area.

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