Saturday, May 26, 2018

May 26, 2018 - Scamp's Bathroom

I like to tell people that we have a shower stall with a sink and toilet in it. You are about to see that it is true.

It was a rainy, dreary day today.  When it wasn't raining, it was dripping from the trees.  Two or three times during the day, the sun peeped through the clouds for about thirty seconds before disappearing again. We spent most of the day outside in our screen room enjoying the rain and the sparkling leaves. I did not take any pictures.  Then I decided it was a good day to give you a tour of our bathroom.  It is the smallest I've ever seen.

Here is the door.  It is two bi-fold doors almost as wide as the bathroom itself. There is not enough space to get a good picture. When we use the bathroom, we open both doors straight out to expand the space a bit.  It's still small even then.

The sink and shower head are to the left.  We have been adding little bins to hold our toiletries over the past few weeks.  There are no drawers, cabinets, or linen closets in this bathroom.  There has to be someplace to put the essentials. The bins are divided into his and hers.

Here is another look that includes the floor.

The toilet paper has a cover over it to keep it dry during showers.

I have forgotten and left it open two or three times this past month and drowned the roll of toilet paper. The cover tilts back and into the wall to expose the paper.  When you close it, the roll winds the paper back in a bit so that none hangs out the bottom.  Clever.

There is no room for a trash can!  My solution was a stick-on hook near the floor just inside the door.  I hang a grocery bag on the hook.  The weight of it remains on the floor; the hooks are to hold the bag upright.

The hand towel moves around.  When using the sink, I slide the towel over the toilet.  When I use the toilet, I slide the towel over the sink (usually). Sometimes I just sit under the towel; it's short.

The shower is on the wall behind the sink.  The water pressure is very low to save water.  I have started using less shampoo so it will rinse out faster.

There is a mirror on the wall behind the toilet.  We got two new bins at Tennessee RV Supercenter yesterday. Mine holds shampoo, conditioner, and my cup. Andy's holds his shaving gear. I keep the shower curtain folded up in a knot to keep it out of the way.  After a shower, I hang it spread out across the closet rod to dry.

The toilet a fairly nice.  The bowl is porcelain but the seat is lightweight plastic.  

The exhaust fan is on the ceiling over the toilet.  You push up on the white handle to open it and then push the little red button to turn it on and off.  Then pull the handle down to close it.

There is also a sprayer to spray whatever needs to be sprayed when the job is done. This toilet does a good job of rinsing the bowl.  But, because it uses very little water, sometimes it needs extra.

Now to the crux of the shower taking.  The floor space between the sink and toilet is just big enough to stand in if your feet are not too big. I am wondering if I will have room to turn around to reach my shampoo behind the toilet tomorrow.

The sink is tiny.  I do like the faucet though.  My toothbrushing bins don't stick to the wall too well, so I set them down on the counter.  That leaves almost no room for anything else.

I bought two small, bathroom-sized cups for us.  We keep them in our bins when not in use so the other person can use that counter space too. I have been setting the body wash and hand soap in the sink when we travel.  Now I am thinking of rigging something to hold them in place, maybe a Velcro strap.

The RV stores are selling some nice hooks with suction cups these days.  They hold the promise of staying up better than older styles.  We'll see.

That bathroom is really not big enough to warrant so many pictures!

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