Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Walking Around Big Creek

These are a few photos I took while walking around the Big Creek campground. Spence passed us with his Gator on the campground road.  He was whacking weeds and was carrying his string trimmer and a big sign in the back.

This fourteen-month-old boy was camped happily in Site 11.  He was quite the talker and babbled baby talk almost constantly.  I wonder what he was trying to tell me.

As usual, after our campground tour, we walked along the banks of Big Creek.

This brilliant green bug was perched on the bridge railing. It is easier to see his shadow than his legs.

Later in the day, there was another bug specimen on the bridge railing for me to study.  This guy was mostly a greenish yellow.

This one seemed to be studying me as much as I was studying it.  

This fern in the group picnic area was lit up from behind by the late afternoon sun.

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