Monday, August 1, 2016

People of Big Creek - Ranger Taylor Kasabian

As an introduction of sorts, I'm posting pictures of people we met in the Great Smoky Mountains National Park I  have taken over the years. These are the "characters" in my book, Big Creek - A Closer Look at a National Park, in order of appearance.

I don't really know much about Ranger Taylor, so I'll have to make some guesses and assumptions. I'm pretty sure he was an intern and maybe a seasonal employee. He was a real park ranger though; he wore a gun on his hip.

I had requested some more trail maps for the kiosk and Tim sent them with Taylor, who showed up in shorts and flip-flops.  Oh, and a big smile for the camera.

This is the day Ranger Tim left his lights flashing when he went up Big Creek Trail for a rescue.  When he got back, Taylor gave him jump start.

Taylor left Big Creek. I found him on Facebook, but have not made contact with him yet.  I'll update this post when I hear from him.

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